Location. Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Tel. 770-757-3252

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At Integrated Technology Solutions, we offer training support services that have been specifically designed to help our customers build and develop the best teams. We employ highly qualified instructors who can determine the success rate of training methods and evaluate student progress, as well as create the foundational training materials. We operate in diverse variety of locations, including in the classroom and in the field.


Our instructors are experts in helping clients define their training goals, develop training course content, and reorganize training systems for maximum efficiency. Our company provides equipment training to customers for emerging technologies and information systems, with a focus on operation, maintenance, safety, and testing. We also focus on the consolidation of lessons learned, helping trainees understand the big picture and maintain knowledge learned through identification of relevant trends, processes, and procedures.


Trust us to bring your training to the next level with knowledgeable instructors and effective, innovative training algorithms and strategies.